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What You Want


1 Ain’t No Use
2 Young Girl Said Goodbye
3 A Cup of Coffee
4 Back to Plan A
5 Saint James Infirmary
6 Hymn to Opportunity
7 The Cat Song
8 Not Forever
9 What You Want
Edgy Blues and Twisted Americana

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Cover photo

Econfina River, Taylor County, FL
On The Econfina River, Taylor  County, Florida

What You Want           Jim Crozier

Jim Crozier: bass and vocal on all tracks, rhythm guitar on tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 9.
Mike Stone: drums on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7.
Brett Gardner: lead guitar on tracks 2, 3, 6, and 8.
Jeff Drawbaugh: clarinet on tracks 4 and 8, soprano sax on track 3.
TD Giddings: lead guitar on track 9.
Ben Banks & Chris Skene: guitar on tracks 1, 5, and 7.
John Babich: piano on tracks 1, 5, and 7.
Kayla Williams: viola on tracks 6 and 8; violin & cello on track 8.
Don Austin: violin on track 3; viola on tracks 3 and 6.

Tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 9: recorded at Jim Crozier’s studio by Jim Crozier during 2015.
Tracks 1, 5, and 7: Jim Crozier Band live at the Bradfordville Blues Club, Tallahassee, FL for the Pat Ramsey Festival on November 16, 2016. Recorded by Walter Potter.
Mix by Jim Crozier.
Mastered at Wintersone Sound, Tallahassee, FL by Pete Winter.
All songs by James A “Jim” Crozier except Saint James Infirmary (traditional).
Photo by Jim Crozier, Logo based on photo by Jessica M Gaboury.

As of May 7, 2017 - New CD by Jim Crozier, available now from me (jim at jimcrozier.com).
Now also available at these fine local retailers:
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Expanded Notes:

Edgy Blues and Twisted Americana

Jim sez;

This album has stuff from my studio in the North Florida woods between February and September 2015 with the fabulous guitarist Brett Gardner, teenage wonder Kayla Williams on the entire string quartet, veteran reed man Jeff Drawbaugh, and funky fiddler Don Austin. My neighbor, TD Giddings came over to help me with the title track, and Mike Stone brought his kit down for a session where he and I tracked Young Girl Said Goodbye. The other tracks are from the Pat Ramsey Festival Benefit at the Bradfordville Blues Club near Tallahassee, Florida in November 2016 where the Jim Crozier Band played a set that was captured by the never failing Walter Potter. On that occasion the band consisted of Chris Skene and Ben Banks on guitars, John Babich on keys, and Mike Stone on the kit. After I messed around with the mix for a while, I finally sent it off to Pete Winter at Winterstone Sound in Tallahassee where he did his magic. After that it was down to finding what to put on the cover, so I went through my photo library and found this beautiful old cypress tree on the Econfina River in Taylor County, Florida. Thanks to Jessica Gaboury for taking that photo of me early in this century that became my logo.

1 Ain’t No Use (6:07)

This is a live track from the Pat Ramsey Festival Benefit of 2016 at the Bradfordville Blues Club near Tallahassee, Florida. On this track Jim is playing the Gold Tone Micro Bass and singing with his last breath – he was hospitalized a few days later. Ben Banks is playing guitar and singing backup, Chris Skene is playing guitar, John Babich is on the keys, and Mike Stone on the kit.

2 Young Girl Said Goodbye (3:18)

The original track on this was laid down March 22, 2015 in Jim’s studio with Mike Stone on the kit and Jim on guitar and vocal. Jim then added the Fender P bass and sent the track to Brett Gardner who recorded the lead guitar part in his bedroom.

3 A Cup of Coffee (4:08)

The original track was done in February 2015 by Jim playing guitar and singing, and then adding bass. Brett Gardner came down for a session to play guitar that June, Jeff Drawbaugh played soprano sax in July, and Don Austin played violin and viola September 2015.

4 Back to Plan A (3:38)

This was tracked with Jim and Mike Stone on the 3/22 session. Jim added bass and Jeff Drawbaugh played Clarinet.

5 Saint James Infirmary (5:16)

It was on the set list for the BBC show.

6 Hymn to Opportunity (3:48)

Jim did the original guitar and vocal track on February 20, 2015 and then added bowed bass viol. Kayla Williams played viola in May, Brett Gardner played guitar in June, and Don Austin played a second viola part in September.

7 The Cat Song (7:05)

This was from the BBC show.

8 Not Forever (4:12)

The original guitar and vocal track was from Jim’s 2/20/2015 session. In May, Kayla Williams played all of the string parts: violin, viola, and cello from parts that Jim had arranged. Jim came back to play the NS Designs NXT Electric Upright Bass the next day. Then Brett Gardner played guitar in June, and Jeff Drawbaugh played clarinet in July – such sweetness.

9 What You Want (2:56)

This was tracked in April 2015 with TD Giddings on lead guitar and Jim on vocal and P bass. Jim added a second guitar. That’s pretty much all that happened to that track.


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