Note: This page was being updated while the CD was being created. All date references are as of 2007.

These are links to various stuff from the Album Project

Project title: was What You Want

And you will get it as soon as possible, but in the mean time it is: Down to the Village



The real stuff will be on CD Baby by the end of the year,

 but for now WE ALL just gotta wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So here is the Project as of June10

But it has really changed quite a bit since then.


With family and friends, April 8, 2007. -- photo by Katie Crozier



Plowright Playhouse, Warren, PA - 1969



These are links to stuff as it happened along the way, for the moment, the current song list is on the link above.

Down to the Village  - Bill Landing on Tenor Sax and Jimi McKenzie on the Telecaster.

Body Shop Row  - Chris Tarquinio - Tenor Sax, and Michael McKenzie - Trumpet

Body Shop Row - as above but add the chior.

Nola's Muse  - Frank Graham - Guitars, Carrie Hamby - Accordian,  (Low-bandwidth version)

Nola's Muse - all of the above plus the 2nd Line Coda as performed by the Tallahasse Swing Band.

Nola's Muse - all of the above plus the choir on the chorus.

And now Nola's Muse with the David Langston on the fiddle (still remember this is NOT a real mix - just so we can hear one of a few things that went down that evening).

What You Want - with Bill Landing - Beri Sax, Chris Tarquinio - Tenor Sax, and Michael McKenzie - Trumpet

And What You Want with Bob Weiss and me on piano.

The next day, working on a mix What You Want again on July18

The Cat Song With Jimi on the Teli and Bill on Beri and Tenor.

Old Fashion Way with Frank Graham on guitars and Ross Beck on banjo.

Old Fashion Way with David Langston on fiddle plus all of the above

Ain't No Use With Bill Landing on Tenor and Beri Sax, Jimi McKenzie on Rhy & Lead Guitar.

Now try Ain't No Use with Bob Weiss singing it.

Black Jack With Ross Beck on Steel Drums!

Black Jack - with the choir, too

WhatYouWant070808 - new bass, midi drums, Bob vocal

Correction: On page 3 of CD insert, for the personnel listing for Tallahassee Swing Band, John Moore is listed instead of Carl Morse. Carl is the regular trombone player in that chair but was hidden from view in the photo I used for reference. I foolishly trusted to faulty memory on this. My embarrassed apology goes to Carl.

Tallahassee Swing Band at the March 2007 Jazz & Blues Festival - Tallahassee Museum.


Katie in Was It Love?

And, Still just me on these:

Hymn to Opportunity 

Hymn to Opportunity - with a new arrangement.




Canal Street, July 2006

Album Credits so far:

Jim Crozier, Producer, Song Writer, Arranger, Bass, scratch vocals, scratch guitar, MIDI this 'n' that.

Jimi McKenzie, Engineer, Co-Producer, Guitars

Steve Redmond, Drums

Bill Landing, Tenor and Beri Sax

Chris Tarquinio, Tenor Sax

Michael McKenzie, Trumpet

Carrie Hamby, Accordion

Frank Graham, Guitars

Ross Beck, Steel Drums and Banjo

David Langston, Fiddle

Joey Karioth, Piano

TD Giddings, Guitar

The Choir - Kathi Giddings, Katie Crozier, Jim Crozier, and sometimes TD Giddings.

The Jones Brothers

Tallahassee Swing Band


Odds and ends:

No Place to Go This is the audio output from Finale's cheezie synth of the Real Marching Band (Bourbon Street Style) Arrangement of the Coda for Nola's Muse.

Hymn to Opportunity - synth This is the audio output from Finale's cheezie synth of this chart - the form is correct.

Hymn to Opportunity - piano/vocal This is the piano score. Please feel free to print it and learn the song!!!

Nola's Muse - Piano/vocal - I would be honored for you to learn the song.

No Place To Go - Piano/Vocal - (coda for Nola's Muse)

NOLA Swings - The Big Band Score: Written for the Tallahassee Swing Band!

NOLA Swings - synth: This is the audio output from the MIDI filie saved from Finale from the Score to NOLA Swings that was imported into Sonar and played back through the Roland Virtual Sound Canvas. (Still don't swing like people, but it does get most of the notes right.) 

NolaSwings - First Reading - Tallahassee Swing:  Recorded by Carl Morse at the American Legion, Lake Ella, Tallahassee, FL. Yea, there was a bit of a trainwreck at the end, but pretty damn good - remember, the band was seeing the chart for the first time! Thanks to the band!

Nola Swings at the 16th Jazz & Blues Festival, Tallahassee Museum: Recorded by TDGiddings. Second reading, the guys nailed it pretty damn good! How wonderful to have such friends.

Nola Swings at the American Legion - Jun 26 -  this is the third reading.



We Got Joy

And here are some pix of one sort or another.


The mess in my studio, Wakulla County, FL - 2007


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